Birds and Pets

Gardman Wild Bird Feeds

No garden is complete without the sound of Birdsong – even just watching the birds feeding and flitting around the garden can be entertaining in itself. We stock Gardman Wild Bird Care. They have specially blended feeds, seed mixes and treats which are perfect for attracting all kinds of wild birds into your garden along with top quality feeders and accessories. Gardman Wild Bird Care Products are approved by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology).

Petface Pet Products

For the not so wild animals in your garden we stock the Petface range of pet products for cats and dogs. For the new additions to the family we have tiny collars for the smallest of kittens or puppies, feeding bowls and toys. There are lots of different treats for your pet along with the ‘toyz’ range of floating toys which are perfect for the retrievers at heart and the ‘Seriously Strong’ range of toys for the most determined chewer.

Horse Bedding

We also stock bedding for horses and ponies but it can be used for other animals. There is Shavings and Straw Mixed or Chopped Straw and both are sprayed with bitter apple to deter eating.