At Saintfield Nursery Centre we love our plants and always have a wonderful selection for you to choose from.  Our covered plant area, with its comprehensive range of plants means you can take time choosing the right plant for the right place no matter what the weather is – and we are always here to help or offer advice. We can supply plants to suit every season and can help you plan your garden so that there is always something interesting going on.

We always have a wide range of old favourite varieties as well as new and unusual varieties. Our background in growing means that not only can we grow top quality plants but we know where to source the best quality both locally, in Britain or Europe and we know how to care for them and keep them at their best when they are here. Our plants are guaranteed against natural death for one year.  

Our Range Includes;

Shrubs Trees
Alpines Climbing
Plants Roses
Hedging Heathers
Conifers Herbaceous
Perennials Bulbs
Herbs  Fruit Trees & Bushes
Bedding Plants Vegetable Plants
Filled Planters