April Tips

Lots of vegetable seeds can be sown outside. Plant out Sweetpeas.

  • Prune early flowering shrubs immediately after flowering e.g. Forsythia, Spiraea Arguta
  • Plant out Sweet Peas
  • Re-seed bare patches in lawn
  • Combined fertiliser and weedkiller can be applied to lawns
  • Dead head daffodils as soon as flowers fade and apply a general fertiliser
  • Sow hardy annuals in flowering position
  • A wide range of vegetable seed can be sown outside e.g. salad, broad beans, peas, beetroot, carrots, cabbages, spinach, salad onions
  • Give shrubs a top dressing of fertiliser
  • Replace the top couple of inches of compost on container plants and liquid feed
  • Trim Lavenders
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