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Hydrangea Macrophylla Blue

Lavender angustifolia

Nepeta Blue Moon

Salvia Sensation Blue

Agapanthus Blue

Eryngium Neptunes Gold

Echinops Bulbs (1)

Gladioli Triton (10)

Hebe Pagei

Brachycome Blue Star (200 Seeds) FG

Ajuga reptans Caitlins Giant

Campanula Carpatica Blue (1500 Seeds) FG

CornFlower Classic Fantastic (200 Seeds) FG

Delphinium Pacific Giants (100 Seeds) FG

Echinops Globe Thistle (50 Seeds) FG

Lavender Munstead (150 Seeds) FG

Lobelia Cambridge Blue (2500 Seeds) FG

Lobelia Crystal Palace (2500 Seeds) FG

Lobelia Sapphire Trailing (2000 Seeds) FG

Morning Glory Grandpa Otts (30 Seeds) FG

Morning Glory Heavenly Blue (45 Seeds) FG

Phlox Moody Blues (175 Seeds) FG

Silene Blue Angle (1000 Seeds) FG

Sweet Pea Singing the Blues (25 Seeds) FG

Nigella Moody Blues (200 Seeds)

Platycodon Florists Blue (500 Seeds)

Delphinium High Society (25 Seeds)

Jekkas Herbs Chicory (140 Seeds)

Jekkas Herbs Rosemary (100 Seeds)

Jekkas Herbs Sage (150 Seeds)