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Hydrangea Pinky Promise

Hydrangea Limelight

Hydrangea Macrophylla Pink

Hydrangea Macrophylla Blue

Hydrangea Macrophylla White

Lavender angustifolia


Penstemon Polaris Magenta

Salvia Sensation Blue

Senecio Angels Wings

Agapanthus Blue

Eryngium Neptunes Gold

Lupins Mixed Colors


Sedum Aureum

Gypsophila Rosea


Dianthus Flashing lights

Armeria Splendens

Helianthemum Cerise Queen

Dorset Rocking chair

Dorset Tea tray

Dorset Chairs and Table

Dorset 3 Seat Bench

Hetton 2 Seat Bench

3 Seat Hetton Bench

Masham Winster Arbour

Genoa Cascade (Solar)

Tree Trunk Bird Bath (Solar)

Wishing Well (Solar)

Rockfall (Solar)

Frog Frolics (Solar)

Duck Family (Solar)

Feathered Friends (Solar)

Flowers Water Feature

Stacked Stone Water feature

Small Lagoon Water Feature

Classic 2 Tiered Feature

Arthur Bell (Floribunda)

Precious Amber (Floribunda)

Rumba (Floribunda)

Youre Beautiful (Floribunda)

Korresia (Floribunda)

Europeana (Floribunda)

Precious Gold (Floribunda)

Precious Ruby (Floribunda)

Bees and Butterfly Collections (35)

Begonia Pastel Cascades (5)

Cottage Garden Collection (4)

Dahlia Cheyenne Chieftain (1)

Dahlia Hy Pimento (1)

Iris Burgemeister (1)

Iris Louder Still (1)

Gladioli Amber Mistique (8)

Gladioli Bonfire (10)

Gladioli Dolce Vita (10)

Gladioli Prima Verde (10)

Gladioli San Siro (10)

Gladioli Seashore (10)

Gladioli Triton (10)

Gladioli Vedetta (10)

Gladioli Vulcano (10)

Alchemist (Climbing)

Alibaba (Climbing)

City of York (Climbing)

Flammentanz (Climbing)

Flower carpet Pink (Climbing)

Grand Hotel Red (Climbing)

Guirlande dAmour (Climbing)

Olympic Flame (Climbing)

Pauls scarlet (Climbing)

Hebe Joan Mac

Hebe Lady Ann

Hebe Pagei

Hebe Vernicosa

Sarpo Mira (2kg)

Rhubarb Timperley Early

Miracle-Gro All Purpose 1 Litre

Miracle-Gro All Purpose 2.5 Litre

Miricale-Gro Pour&Feed 1 Litre

Miracle-Gro Pour&Feed 3 Litre

Weedol Lawn Weedkiller 250ml

Weedol Lawn Weedkiller 500ml

Weedol Lawn Weedkiller 1 litre

Weedol Lawn Weedkiller 1 litre RTU

Carex Evergold

Dorset Dining Set (4 Chairs)

Dorset Queen Bench

Dorset Bistro Set (2 Chairs)

Leucothoe ‘Zeblid (Scarletta)’

Ligustrum Aureum

Granite Rock Spot Lights (4-Pack)

Fence, Wall & Post Light, 4 Pack

Ladybird Stake Triple Pack

Jumbo Rock Light

Classic Majestic 5pc Carry Pack

Alysssum Snow Cloth (1250 Seeds) FG

Antirrhinum Rust Resistant Mix (1000 Seeds) FG

Cotinus coggyria Royal Purple

Aquilegia Biedermeier Mix (100 Seeds) FG

Aster Ostrich Feather (250 Seeds) FG

Begonia Summer Rainbow F2 (2000 Seeds) FG

Bergamot Panorama Mix (75 Seeds) FG

Black Eyed Susan Susie Mix (20 Seeds) FG

Brachycome Blue Star (200 Seeds) FG

Busy Lizzie Safari Mix (60 Seeds) FG

Betula Pendula

Cactus Flowers of the Desert (30 Seeds) FG

Sorbus Joseph Rock

Calendula Art Shades (120 Seeds) FG

Eucalyptus gunnii

Calendula Daisy Mix (60 Seeds) FG

Calendulaa Orange Flash (50 Seeds) FG

Californian Poppy Single Mix (500 Seeds) FG

Primula acaulis

Campanula Carpatica Blue (1500 Seeds) FG

Runner Bean Enorma (50 Seeds)

Canary Creeper (25 Seeds) FG

Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor (50 Seeds)

Cat Grass (25g)


Catmint Catnip (250 Seeds) FG

Tomato Moneymaker (50 Seeds) FG

Chinese Lanterns (150 Seeds) FG

Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition (50 Seeds)

Clary Bouquet Mix (300 Seeds) FG

Pea (Snap) Sugar Bon (300 Seeds)

Cleome Colour Fountain (250 Seeds) FG

Coleus Flame Dancers (100 Seeds) FG

Prunus laurocerasus Rotondifolia

Cornflower Black Ball (250 Seeds) FG

Turnip Purple Top Milan (1750 Seeds) FG

CornFlower Classic Fantastic (200 Seeds) FG

Tomato Roma (75 Seeds) FG

Cornflower Polka Dot (500 Seeds) FG

Cosmos Double Dutch White (30 Seeds) FG

Prunus lusitanica Angustifolia

Watercress Aqua (1000 Seeds) FG

Cosmos Dwarf Sensation Mix (60 Seeds) FG

Tomato Costoluto Fiorentino (50 Seeds) FG

Cosmos Psyche White (60 Seeds) FG

Swede Best of All (750 Seeds) FG

Cosmos Sensation Mixed (120 Seeds) FG

Griselinia littoralis

Spinach Emilia (300 Seeds) FG

Cosmos Xanthos (20 Seeds) FG

Dahlia Mignon Mix (50 Seeds) FG

Griselinia littoralis

Cucumber Marketmore (25 Seeds) FG

Delphinium Pacific Giants (100 Seeds) FG

Climbing Bean Python (50 Seeds)

Echinops Globe Thistle (50 Seeds) FG

Dwarf Bean Rondo (100 Seeds)

Forget-Me-Not Mix (300 Seeds) FG

Superior Seed Mix (2kg)

Runner Bean Polestar (50 Seeds)

Foxglove Alba (1000 Seeds) FG

Superior Seed Mix (4kg)

Climbing Bean Pantheon (50 Seeds)

Foxglove Excelsior (2500 Seeds) FG

Superior Seed Mix (12.55kg)

Runner Bean Lady Di (45 Seeds)

Foxglove Foxy (1000 Seeds) FG

No Mess Seed Mix (2kg)

Gazania Sunshine (25 Seeds) FG

No Mess Seed Mix (4kg)

Godetia Azalea Flowered (750 Seeds) FG

No Mess Seed Mix (12.55kg)

Parsnip Gladiator F1 (200 seeds) FG

Grass Bunny Tails (200 Seeds) FG

Nyger Seed (900g)

Carrot Flyaway F1 (500 seeds) FG

Hollyhock Chaters Double (50 Seeds) FG

Nyger Seed (1.8kg)

Carrot Gold Nugget F1 (350 seeds) FG

Hollyhock Giant Single (50 Seeds) FG

Peanuts (2kg)

Broad Bean Aguadulce (50 Seeds)

Larkspur Giant Imperial (300 Seeds) FG

Peanuts (4kg)

Broad Bean Masterpiece Green Longpod (45 seeds)

Larkspur Hyacinth Dwarf (300 Seeds) FG

Peanuts (12.55kg)

Courgette Soleil F1 (10 Seeds) FG

Lavatera Parade (75 Seeds) FG

Sunflower Hearts (2kg)

Cress American Land (1000 Seeds) FG

Lavender Hidcote Blue (100 Seeds) FG

Sunflower Hearts (12.552kg)

Cucumber Telepathy F1 (10 Seeds) FG

Lavender Munstead (150 Seeds) FG

Sunflower Seed (2.8kg

Cress Fine Curled (4000 seeds) FG

Lobelia Cambridge Blue (2500 Seeds) FG

Fat Balls (25 Pack)

Courgette Romanesco (25 Seeds) FG

Lobelia Cascade (1500 Seeds) FG

Fat Balls (50 Tub)

Courgette Black Beauty (10 Seeds) FG

Lobelia Crystal Palace (2500 Seeds) FG

Superior Fat Balls (25 Pack)

Dwarf French Bean Tendergreen (125 Seeds)

Lobelia Sapphire Trailing (2000 Seeds) FG

Superior Fat Balls (50 Tub)

Climbing Bean Cobra (75 Seeds)

Lupin Festival Mix (30 Seeds) FG

Meal Worms (500g)

Kale Dwarf Green Curled (400 Seeds) FG

Lupin Russell Mix (75 Seeds) FG

Suet Cake Variety Pack

Broad Bean Dwarf The Sutton (50 Seeds)

Marigold African Crackerjack (120 Seeds) FG

Coconut Halves (6 Pack)

Runner Bean Armstrong (45 seeds)

Marigold African Kees Orange (75 Seeds) FG

Coconut Halves (10 Pack)

Green Manure Phacelia tanacetifolia (Covers 15sqm) FG

Marigold French Bonita (150 Seeds) FG

Suet Coconut Half

Carrot Autmun King 2 (2000 Seeds) FG

Marigold French Dwarf (150 Seeds) FG

Suet and Berry Coconut Half

Dwarf French Bean Ferrari (100 Seeds)

Marigold French Honeycomb (60 Seeds) FG

Mealworm and Suet Coconut Half

Carrot Amsterdam 2 (1500 Seeds) FG

Marigold French Red Cherry (60 Seeds) FG

Essential Seed Feeder

Broad Bean Witkiem Manita (45 Seeds)

Mesembryanthemum Mix (2000 Seeds) FG

Carrot Resistafly (400 Seeds) FG

Morning Glory Choice (50 Seeds) FG

Kale Nero Di Toscana (50 Seeds) FG

Morning Glory Grandpa Otts (30 Seeds) FG

Essential Peanut Feeder

Parsley Giant Of Italy (750 Seeds) FG

Morning Glory Heavenly Blue (45 Seeds) FG

Essential Fat Ball Feeder

Mint Applemint (500 seeds) FG

Morning Glory Party Dress (30 Seeds) FG

Essential Suet Cake Feeder

Mint (1250 Seeds) FG

Nasturtium African Queen (25 Seeds) FG

Essential Nyger Seed Feeder

Oregano Greek (1500 Seeds) FG

Nasturtium Alaska Mix (25 Seeds) FG

Essential Sunflower Heart Feeder

Coriander Cilantro (150 Seeds) FG

Nasturtium Baby Orange (25 Seeds) FG

Essential Plus Seed Feeder

Beetroot Kornett (150 Seeds) FG

Nasturtium Jewel Cherry Rose (25 Seeds) FG

Essential Plus Peanut Feeder

Nasturtium Trailing (35 Seeds) FG

Essential Plus Fat Ball Feeder

Carrot Chantenay Red Core 2 (2000 Seeds) FG

Nemesia Carnival (500 Seeds) FG

Essential Plus Double Cake Feeder

Nicotiana Sensation (2000 Seeds) FG

Heavy Duty Seed Feeder

Beetroot Moneta (150 Seeds) FG

Night Phlox Midnight Candy (250 Seeds) FG

Heavy Duty Fat Ball Feeder

10 Maroc Lantern String Lights (Special Offer Half Price)

Pansy Clear Crystals (120 Seeds)

Heavy Duty Peanut Feeder

Beetroot Moulin Rouge (150 Seeds) FG

Pansy Swiss Giants (150 Seeds) FG

Penstemon Mixed Colours (500 Seeds) FG

Sterling Fat Ball Feeder

Dill (750 Seeds) FG

Penstemon Scarlet Queen (500 Seeds) FG

Sterling Peanut Feeder

Phlox Moody Blues (175 Seeds) FG

Poppy Dawn Chorus (500 Seeds) FG

Sterling Feeding Station

Basil Thai (300 Seeds) FG

Rudbeckia Marmalade (500 Seeds) FG

Essential Two Arm Complete Feeding Station

Parsnip Javelin F1 (200 Seeds) FG

Rudbeckia Rustic dwarf (500 Seeds) FG

Essentials Four Arm Complete Feeding Station

Parsnip Tender and True (500 Seeds) FG

Salvia Blaze of Fire (100 Seeds) FG

Rosemary (1500 Seeds) FG

Silene Blue Angle (1000 Seeds) FG

Fennel Di Firenze (250 Seeds) FG

Stock Brompton (150 Seeds) FG

Stock Night Secented (1000 Seeds) FG

Stock Virginian Mixed (2000 Seeds) FG

Parsley Plain Leaved 2 (1000 Seeds) FG

Sunflower Evening Sun (50 Seeds) FG

Chard White Silver 2 (350 Seeds) FG

Cauliflower All the year round (200 Seeds) FG

Sunflower Hallo (30 Seeds) FG

Sage (75 Seeds) FG

Sunflower Sun King (20 Seeds) FG

Sweet Pea Balcony Mix (25 Seeds) FG

Sweet Pea Galaxy Mix (35 Seeds) FG

Dwarf French Bean Cala dOr (100 Seeds)

Sweet Pea Lady Salisbury (20 Seeds) FG

Broccoli Autumn Covina (50 Seeds) FG

Sweet Pea Old Spice (30 Seeds) FG

Sweet Pea Painted Lady (25 Seeds) FG

Sweet Pea Patio Mix (25 Seeds) FG

Sweet Pea Perfume Duet (25 Seeds) FG

Sweet Pea Singing the Blues (25 Seeds) FG

Sweet Pea Tall Mix (40 Seeds) FG

Sweet Sultan Mix (100 Seeds) FG

Broad Bean Express (35 Seeds)

Sweet William Electron (200 Seeds) FG

Runner Bean Firestorm (30 Seeds)

Tagetes Starfire Mix (150 Seeds) FG

Sweet Pepper California Wonder (45 Seeds) S

Wallflower Dwarf Mix (500 Seeds) FG

Wallflower Scarlet Bedder (500 Seeds) FG

Zinnia Sunbow (75 Seeds) FG

Runner Bean Hestia Dwarf stringless (30 Seeds)

Basil Sweet (650 Seeds) FG

Pea Sugar Snap Delikett (220 Seeds)

Chives (750 Seeds) FG

Lettuce Webbs Wonderful (900 Seeds) S

Coriander Calypso (150 Seeds) FG

Climbing French Bean Cobra (70 Seeds)

Parsley Moss Curled (1000 Seeds) FG

Lettuce OutREDgeous (200 Seeds) S

Tarragon Russian (350 Seeds) FG

Cabbage Golden Acre Primo (250 Seeds) S

Thyme (1000 Seeds) FG

Perpetual Spinach Leaf Beet (6m of tape) S

Aubergine Black Beauty (150 Seeds) FG

Broad Bean De Monica (45 Seeds) FG

Squash Tahiti Melon (12 Seeds) S

Cabbage Filderkraut (350 Seeds) FG

Tomato Honeycomb (10 Seeds) S

Dwarf French Bean Purple Queen (100 Seeds) FG

Lemon Balm Mandarina (20 Seeds) S

Lettuce Salad Bowl (1250 Seeds) FG

Lettuce Lollo Rossa (750 Seeds) FG

Tomato Crimson Blush (10 Seeds) S

Rocket Runway (500 Seeds) FG

Squash Butterscotch F1 (12 Seeds) S

Tomato Shirley (10 Seeds) FG

Broccoli Autumn Spear (250 Seeds) S

Tomato Maskotka (25 Seeds) FG

Onion Spring Ishikura (500 Seeds) FG

Zinnia Peaches and Cream (30 Seeds)

Coreopsis Mardi Gras (100 Seeds)

Rudbeckia Mix (25 Seeds)

Coffee Plant Barista (10 Seeds)

Candytuft Fairy Mix (500 Seeds)

Geranium Super Hybrid Mix (25 Seeds)

Pampas Grass Feathers Mix (20 Seeds)

Chocolate Daisy Berlandiera (20 Seeds)

Leucanthemum Crazy Daisy (80 Seeds)

Dame De Cover (Hybrid Tea)

Winter Bird Feeding Mix (1000 Seeds)

Fiji (Hybrid Tea)

Sarah Raven Sunflower Black Magic F1 (20 Seeds)

Nostalgia (Hybrid Tea)

Wallflower Blood Red (400 Seeds)

Prima Bellerina (Hybrid Tea)

Zinnia Early Wonder Mixed (150 Seeds)

Rose Gaujard (Hybrid Tea)

Sweet Pea Windsor (20 Seeds)

True Love (Hybrid Tea)

Calendula Touch Of Red Mixed (150 Seeds)

Stock Excelsior Mixed (250 Seeds)

Scabious Black Knight (50 Seeds)

Larkspur White King (400 Seeds)

Sweet Pea April in Paris (20 Seeds)

Sweet Sultan (250 Seeds)

Heliopsis Burning Hearts (15 Seeds)

Sweet William Electron (200 Seeds)

Cleome Violet Queen (200 Seeds)

Cerinthe major Purpurascens (20 Seeds)

Clary Blue Denim (100 Seeds)

Zinnia Envy (100 Seeds)

Osteospermum Sky & Ice (50 Seeds)

Sweet Rocket Mixed (750 Seeds)

Gaura The Bride (30 Seeds)

Bupleurum Rotundifolium (200 Seeds)

Mixed Cut Flowers (1g of seeds)

Nicotiana Langsdorffii (500 Seeds)

Cynoglossum Mystery Rose (200 seeds)

Nigella Moody Blues (200 Seeds)

Malope Vulcan (100 Seeds)

Taxus baccata Summergold

Lupin Pink Fairy (30 Seeds)

Aster Palette Mixed (50 Seeds)

Chevron Pot 21cm

Rudbeckia Aries (500 Seeds)

Chevron Pot 26cm

Cosmos Purity (150 Seeds)

Chevron Pot 38cm

Carnation Giant Chabaud Mixed (200 Seeds)

Chevron Pot 21cm

Platycodon Florists Blue (500 Seeds)

Chevron Pot 26cm

Nigella African Bride (200 Seeds)

Chevron Pot 38cm

Antirrhinum Night & Day (750 Seeds)

Dimple Pot 20cm

Amaranthus Green Cascade (500 Seeds)

Dimple Pot 25cm

Linaria Northern Lights (1000 Seeds)

Dimple Pot 37cm

Daucus Purple Kisses Mixed (150 Seeds)

Dimple Pot 30cm

Delphinium High Society (25 Seeds)

Bee Pot Cream 18cm

Bells of Ireland (200 Seeds)

Bee Pot Cream 23cm

Jekkas Herbs Angelica (30 Seeds)

Bee Pot Cream 29cm

Jekkas Herbs Anise Hyssop (500 Seeds)

Bee Pot Cream 36cm

Jekkas Herbs Basil Cinnamon (150 Seeds)

Bee Pot Sage Green 18cm

Jekkas Herbs Basil Greek (190 Seeds)

Bee Pot Sage Green 23cm

Jekkas Herbs Basil Sweet (580 Seeds)

Bee Pot Sage Green 29cm

Jekkas Herbs Bergamot Wild (180 Seeds)

Bee Pot Sage Green 36cm

Jekka Herbs Borage WHite Flowering (35 Seeds)

Bee Pot Grey 18cm

Jekkas Herbs Caraway (175 Seeds)

Bee Pot Grey 23cm

Jekkas Herbs Cardoon (15 Seeds)

Bee Pot Grey 29cm

Jekkas Herbs Chervil (1250 Seeds)

Bee Pot Grey 36cm

Jekkas Herbs Chicory (140 Seeds)

Moroc Cylinder Pot Cream 20cm

jekkas Herbs Chives (850 Seeds)

Moroc Cylinder Pot Cream 25cm

Jekkas Herbs Clary Sage (150 Seeds)

Moroc Cylinder Pot Cream 30cm

Jekkas Herbs Hyssop (110 Seeds)

Moroc Cylinder Pot Cream 37cm

Jekkas Herbs Lovage (120 Seeds)

Moroc Cylinder Pot Turquoise 20cm

Jekkas Herbs Marjoram Sweet (1750 Seeds)

Moroc Cylinder Pot Turquoise 25cm

Jekkas Herbs Oregano Greek (1750 Seeds)

Moroc Cylinder Pot Turquoise 30cm

Jekkas Herbs Purslane (300 Seeds)

Maroc Cylinder Turquoise 37cm

Jekkas Herbs Red Orach (125 Seeds)

Moroc Cylinder Pot Sage Green 20cm

Jekkas Herbs Rosemary (100 Seeds)

Moroc Cylinder Pot Sage Green 25cm

Jekkas Herbs Sage (150 Seeds)

Moroc Cylinder Pot Sage Green 30cm

Jekkas Herbs Savory Summer (350 Seeds)

Moroc Cylinder Pot Sage Green 37cm

Jekkas Herbs Savory Winter (275 Seeds)

Dimple Pot Green 20cm

Jekkas Herbs Sorrel Broad Leaved (650 Seeds)

Dimple Pot Green 25cm

Jekkas Herbs Sweet Mace (100 Seeds)

Dimple Pot Green 30cm

Jekkas Herbs Thyme Creeping (1200 Seeds)

Dimple Pot Green 37cm

Jekkas Herbs Thyme Garden (1200)

Jekkas Herbs Welsh Onion (110 Seeds)

Evergreen Fast Grass Lawn Seed (covers 14m2)

Roundup Ready To Use

Evergreen Fast Grass Lawn Seed (covers 56m2)

Roundup Tough Weedkiller Ready To Use

Evergreen Super Seed Lawn Seed (covers 33m2)

Provanto Ultimate Bug KIller

Evergreen Luxury Lawn Seed (covers 14m2)

Evergreen Shady Lawn Seed (covers 14m2)

Rose Clear Ultra

Evergreen Super Seed Lawn Seed (covers 66m2)

Rose Clear Ultra Gun

Multi-Grip All Rounder (Small)

Bug Clear Ultra Vine Weevil Killer

Multi-Grip All Rounder (Medium)

Fungus Clear Ultra

Multi-Grip All Rounder (Large)

All Purpose Continuous Release Plant Food

Multi-Grip All Rounder (Extra Large)

Azalea, Camellia and Rhododendron Continuous Release

Thermal Cosy Gardener Twin Pack (Small)

Weedol Pathclear Weedkiller

Thermal Cosy Gardener Twin Pack (Medium)

Gift Voucher

Thermal Cosy Gardener Twin Pack (Large)

Gift Voucher

Advanced Dry Grips (Large)

Gift Voucher

Ribbed Smart Grips Triple Pack (Large)

Gift Voucher

Multi-Task Dura Grip Triple Pack (Large)

Gift Voucher

Flowerfield Jersey Grips Triple Pack (Medium)

Gift Voucher

Waterproof General Purpose (Large)

Gift Voucher

Premium Riggers (Small)

Weedol Pathclear Weedkiller

Premium Riggers (Medium)

Fish, Blood and Bone All Purpose Fertiliser

Premium Riggers (Large)

Growmore Garden Plant food

Chicken Manure Soil Enricher

Ultimate Lined Leather (Small)

Ultimate Lined Leather (Medium)

Ultimate Lined Leather (Large)

10 Bee String Lights

10 Ladybird String Light

Glow Butterfly Stake Light

Glow Dragonfly Stake Light

Wolf Multi-Change Double Hoe 8cm

Wolf Multi-Change Small Crumbler

Wolf Multi-Change Small Rake

Fagus Sylvatica (Bundle of 25)

Wolf Garten Multi-Change Weeding Brush Heads - Twin Pack

Wolf Multi-Change Lawn Edge Iron

Wolf Multi Change Hand Fork

Wolf Multi-Change Grubber 9cm

Wolf Multi-Change Cultivator 11cm

Wolf Garten Multi-Change Small Push-Pull Weeder 10cm

Wolf Multi-Change Leaf Rake

Wolf 16cm Small Handle

Wolf D Handle

Carpinus Betulus (Bundle of 10)

Wolf Garten Multi-Change Small Handle 35cm

Wolf Garten Multi-Change 150cm Wooden Handle No Grip

Wolf Garten Multi-Change 170cm Wooden Handle No Grip

Flower Power (Patio)

Little Sunset (Patio)

Lots of Kisses (Patio)

Sunseeker (Patio)

Sweet Wonder (Patio)

AUSblush Light Pink (English Rose)

AUScat Pure White (English Rose)

AUSchild Light Red (English Rose)

AUScot Apricot Pink (English Rose)

AUScrim Crimson Red (English Rose)

AUSfather Orange (English Rose)